Student Affiliates

Who knows the process better than those who have been through it themselves? Meet some of our accomplished students representing many great schools around the country!

Nikhil Gupta, UCSD '14, Tufts University '15, M.D. Tufts University School of Medicine '21

Nikhil Gupta graduated from the University of California San Diego with a double degree in Human Biology and Management Science. He completed a Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences at Tufts University and worked in the music industry in the US and abroad before deciding to pursue a career in medicine. He returned to Boston to complete his medical degree at Tufts University School of Medicine and is currently a Diagnostic Radiology resident at Tufts Medical Center.

Nikhil’s passion for mentorship stems from his own experiences applying to medical school as a non-traditional applicant and the inspirational role his mentors have played in shaping his career. He seeks to empower future physicians by helping them craft their own unique narratives to achieve their career goals. In his free time, Nikhil enjoys composing electronic music, playing soccer, and cooking.

Marisa Ngbemeneh, Columbia University '20 - Essay Specialist

Marisa is a recent graduate of Columbia University, where she studied Chemical
Engineering and English. She is interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary career at the
intersection of technology, business, and social entrepreneurship. In her free time, Marisa
loves reading, spending time with friends and family, and pursuing her passions for
language-learning, dance, and travel. She will be starting as an Analyst at Citi in Summer

Vrinda Vasavada, Stanford University '20 - Essay Specialist

Vrinda Vasavada is a Coterminal Masters student in Computer Science at Stanford. As an
undergrad at Stanford, she studied Computer Science and Economics, taught the CS106
series, and led she++, a non-profit working to empower young women in tech leadership.
In her spare time, she loves running, biking, cooking, and painting in sunny California
with her friends and family!

Alexa Hui, Stanford University '22 - Essay Specialist

Alexa Hui is a junior at Stanford University studying Human Biology and Political Science. She currently works as a research assistant in Dr. Michelle Monje’s Lab, developing therapeutic techniques for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. She also works for the American Voices Project, a research collaboration between Princeton University and Stanford’s Center for Poverty and Inequality endeavoring to understand and report on poverty in the United States. She hopes to receive a medical degree with a professional focus in global public health. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, practicing yoga, reading Harry Potter, and watching The Office.

Kinjal Vasavada, Stanford University '17, Tufts University School of Medicine '22 - Strategy Specialist

Kinjal Vasavada is a medical student at Tufts University and a graduate of Stanford
University's Program in Human Biology. Her passion lies at the intersection of healthcare
and human-centered design, where she believes some of the world’s most complex and
interesting problems lie. Her experiences as a photojournalist, design researcher, and
strategy consultant prior to medical school have driven her to approach medical training
as an extensive need finding exercise, grounded in the stories and lived experiences of the
patients, providers, and hospital staff around her. Kinjal works to uncover these stories
and guides students and organizations to learn from them.

Mihir Sharma, Georgia Tech '24 - Essay Specialist

Mihir is a freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he plans to
major in computer science in the College of Computing. In high school, Mihir served in
student government and on the leadership committees of the French National Honor
Society and Link Crew. He also captained his school's varsity tennis team and
participated in national level tournaments around the country. In his free time, Mihir
enjoys playing tennis, making music, and cooking.

Swetha Revanur, Stanford University '20 - Essay Specialist

Swetha recently graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science.
While at Stanford, she helped launch a course on AI for Social Good and worked on
projects that applied machine learning to tackle human trafficking, disaster response, and
accessible education. She’s excited about democratizing data to solve interdisciplinary
problems efficiently and ethically. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, traveling, and
Grey’s Anatomy.

Roshan Prabhakar, Stanford University '25

This year, Roshan will be going from Fremont High School to Stanford University, where he plans to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Throughout high school he has been heavily involved in the Information Theory space, specifically at the intersections of Image/Video compression and encoding with Machine Learning. More specifically, he has worked to provide scholars in data coding novel means to explore their field deeper, as well scholars in performing arts novel means to facilitate live, virtual theatrical performances in the age of COVID. Roshan attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Pre-collegiate program during high school and plans continue his involvement with the musical community at Stanford.

Mahathi Mangipudi, Stanford University '25

Mahathi Mangipudi is a freshman at Stanford University, where she plans to major in computer science and earth systems. Throughout high school, she was avidly involved in environmental advocacy, education outreach, scientific research, and speech and debate. In her spare time, she enjoys learning the ukulele and guitar, baking, and crafting stories through poetry and songwriting.

Tia Jain, University of California, Berkeley '25

Tia Jain is an incoming freshman at the University of California, Berkeley intending to major in Computer Science. She is interested in working at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare and has pursued many side projects in this area, such as AI4Sight, an iOS app to help the blind recognize their surroundings. Additionally, Tia was the founder and president of her high school's Artificial Intelligence club as well as the Head Chapter Lead at AI4ALL, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing diversity in AI. She is currently a second-degree belt black in karate and enjoys teaching younger students in the dojo. In her free time, Tia enjoys hiking, watching sunsets on the beach, and baking.

Advika Jayanti, Carnegie Mellon University '25

Advika Jayanti is an incoming freshman at CMU, where she plans to study Computer Science with an interest in supply chain management. She is an NCWIT CA/FL regional affiliate and honorable mention. Congressional App Challenge winner for a school security app and founder of an organization in collaboration with USF that introduces rural area students to STEM courses and careers, she is also a passionate String teacher.

Ishita Verma, Stanford University '25

Ishita is an incoming freshman at Stanford University. In high school, she lead several mental health awareness and advocacy efforts. She even started her own international project that spearheaded inaccurate media portals of psychological conditions. Ishita was also involved in scientific research work and policy debate. In her free time, she loves baking, reading, and spending time with family/friends.

Neel Kandlikar, University of California, Berkeley '25

Neel is a freshman at University of California Berkeley, where he plans to major in Computer Science. Throughout the high school, he was actively involved in AI and NLP research work that spanned the topics of legal system accessibility to ground water locations working with Stanford Law school and UC Berkeley. He also led his high school varsity tennis teams during junior and senior years. He enjoys creating fun projects with his CS knowledge in his spare time!

Sidhant Rajadnya, University of California, Berkeley '25

Sidhant is an incoming freshman at UC Berkeley, where he plans to major in Computer Science and physics. His love for the two subject has lead him to robotics since middle school and he has patent in his name for a projectile shooter system that he invented and used for the Robotics Championship. In his spare time, he loves to build funny contraptions – a Roomba that screams every time it bumps into something , or a rewired toaster that consistently burns the toast, just to name a few. An avid choir singer, he has performed on the World Disney Stage!

Eeshit Vaishnav, MIT, Graduate Student

Eeshit is a graduate student at MIT doing research at the intersection of computer science and the life sciences. He received his undergraduate education at IIT Kanpur, double majoring in Computer Science & Engineering and Biosciences & Bioengineering, and minoring in Management. As an undergraduate, he conducted research at MIT as Dr. Hargobind Khorana Research Scholar and at Caltech as a SURF fellow. He has an Erdos-Bacon number of 8. In his spare time, he enjoys adventure sports, football, and trekking. He also holds a (non-exclusive) Guinness World Record for having jumped the world's highest bungee jump at the Macau Tower!

Jeremy Hsu, Harvard University '23

Jeremy is an incoming freshman at Harvard intending to concentrate in Computer Science with a potential secondary in Economics. As a high school student, Jeremy was the Vice President of his school’s Computer Science Club and was an Organizer for this MVHacks, a high school beginner-inclusive hackathon. He also managed Public Relations for Education for All, a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit he helped start, and frequently traveled around the country for national-level tennis tournaments. In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys reading, playing tennis, and trying out new hobbies!

Suraj Dhulipalla, Duke University '24

Suraj is from Sammamish, Washington and a rising freshman at Duke University where
he plans on majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor/major in neuroscience. In
high school, he engaged in two separate independent research projects (through Harvard
MCB and Garcia Summer Scholars), volunteered at local memory care facility, and
started a non-profit to educate elementary/middle schoolers on the importance of brain
health. He was president of his high school's Science National Honors Society and
Computer Science Club. In his free time, he loves playing basketball, learning geography,
and hanging out with friends.

Urvi Shah, UCLA '23

Urvi is an incoming freshman at UCLA majoring in computer science. She plans to participate in a variety of engineering and music clubs and to pursue research in artificial intelligence. In her spare time, she loves singing, playing guitar, and reading.

Congratulations Class of 2021! Good luck to the recent graduates attending MIT, Stanford, CalTech, UC Berkeley, UCLA, CMU, UIUC, and the University of Rochester!

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